vMix Mixer Controller 8 kamera

Šifra: 139

Multi-function keyboard controller, It's suitable for audio and video live broadcast system, audio and video recording and broadcasting system

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: DC12V/1000Ma
Press: 63 imported two-color buttons
Volume adjustment: 4-channel audio mediation, mute control
Joystick: 1 three-axis joystick
T-type push rod: 1 T-type video putter
Communication interface: USBX1, RS232X1, RS422X1
Baud rate: RS232, 9600, 8, 1, N
Static Weight: 3.0KG
Gross weight: 4.35KG
Product size: 400*220*114mm
Outer box size: 47*28*20cm


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