vMix Mikser Controller 12 kamera

Šifra: 136

Model - TY-1500HD

◆ Adopt an integrated hardware design, a fully embedded system that is easy to use and easy to maintain, with a streamlined structure, integrating director switching, resource recording, webcasting, audio mixer, pan-tilt control, and special effects transitions.

◆ Support can choose PGM/PVW 4 groups of 12 downstream key settings.

◆ Support 12-channel PGM and PVW switch preview.

◆ Support matching Tianying 4K Fusion Media Virtual Studio System to realize the push-pull panning and rocker effects of virtual machine positions.

◆ Support 4-channel wired/wireless PTZ camera presets, camera pan and iris zoom.

◆ Supporting the Tianying live broadcast system to realize fade-in and fade-out, flying window, sliding image, push-pull and 2-way Stinger animation transition.

◆ Support one key FTB key black output.

◆ Support 8 Tally outputs,

◆ Provide 15PIN pan/tilt PTZ control interface.


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